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Article Comparison - Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations

Article VI
Experts on Missions for the United Nations

Section 22

Experts (other than officials coming within the scope of Article V) performing missions for the United Nations shall be accorded such privileges and immunities as are necessary for the independent exercise of their functions during the period of their missions, including the time spent on journeys in connexion with their missions. In particular they shall be accorded:

a) immunity from personal arrest or detention and from seizure of their personal baggage;

b) in respect of words spoken or written and acts done by them in the course of the performance of their mission, immunity from legal process of every kind. This immunity from legal process shall continue to be accorded notwithstanding that the persons concerned are no longer employed on missions for the United Nations;

c) inviolability for all papers and documents;

d) for the purpose of their communications with the United Nations, the right to use codes and to receive papers or correspondence by courrier or in sealed bags;

e) the same facilities in respect of currency or exchange restrictions as are accorded to representatives of foreign governments on temporary official missions;

f) the same immunities and facilities in respect of their personal baggage as are accorded to diplomatic envoys.