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Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine: Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine

  • Chapter I
    General provisions

  • Chapter II

  • Chapter III
    Private life and right to information

  • Chapter IV
    Human genome

  • Chapter V
    Scientific research

  • Chapter VI
    Organ and tissue removal from living donors for transplantation Purposes

  • Chapter VII
    Prohibition of financial gain and disposal of a Part of the Human Body

    • Article 21 - Prohibition of financial gain
    • Article 22 - Disposal of a removed part of the human body
  • Chapter VIII
    Infringements of the provisions of the Convention

  • Chapter IX
    Relation between this Convention and other provisions

  • Chapter X
    Public debate

  • Chapter XI
    Interpretation and follow-up of the Convention

    • Article 29 - Interpretation of the Convention
    • Article 30 - Reports on the application of the Convention
  • Chapter XII

  • Chapter XIII
    Amendments to the Convention

  • Chapter XIV
    Final clauses